Tree Stump Coffee Table

Tree Stump Coffee Table Sets

Decorating your home with something natural like tree stumps will be very interesting. A tree stump can be made for any kinds of furniture. It can be chairs, lamps, trays, and even a coffee table. Tree stump coffee table sets will be more decorative than having an ordinary table. It will directly enhance the whole room decoration with the natural look of the coffee table.

More interestingly, you can make your own tree stump coffee table sets. Having no skill? Don’t worry. You don’t need any skill, but creativity. For the simplest idea, you can prepare three or five tree trumps or whatever you want to make your coffee table. The tree trunk can be bought in a cheap price and you can get some trunks in different height to make it more stunning. If you already have the complete material, you sand the heck out of them first before painting them. Remember that you should keep everything natural. So, when sanding the trunk, you should keep the detail and grain. After that, you can paint them. The color can be contrasted with the other elements of the decoration where you want to put your coffee table. However, white color can be a good neutral color for your coffee table. You can use some Polycrylic on every single square to end in a better result. If your painting is done, you can use your coffee table. Because of the difference each height of your tree stump, you can just put your table in different height. It will directly create a good focal point in your room.

Tree stump coffee table sets also available in furniture outlets. They will offer more decorative accent with various styles and designs. Sometime, you can also have a tree stump coffee table with a glass covered. However, if you want to cut the budget for your coffee table, you can do it yourself and find plenty designs of coffee table on the internet.

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