Cleaning Black Kitchen Appliances

Tips for Cleaning Kitchen Appliances

No doubt the kitchen is one of the rooms of the house that needs further housekeeping, and that’s where we prepare food for the whole family and often make all meals.

To ensure proper maintenance is not enough to use a single product, as each appliance requires special cleaning. But not to worry, because carrying out the various elements toilet most of the time there is a complicated or difficult.

Cleaning Kitchen Appliances Tips

Cleaning Kitchen Appliances Tips

Below we offer some tips that may find it very useful for cleaning kitchen appliances, so that every corner of your kitchen look shiny.


To clean the cooking surface, they must first wait until this is cool, then sprinkle the surface with a specific product. Once that is done must come to rub and remove with a tissue or paper towel. In case spilling any sugar or plastic stick, it is advisable to remove them immediately before they cool and remain on the surface. They may use a special blade that comes to ceramic, which will help to remove the debris without scratching.


It is very important that this device always look clean, so you can do an adequate job removing smoke and grease that occur while cooking. To achieve this, it is advisable that every time they use the bell to pass a cloth dampened with a degreasing agent, in order to avoid the accumulation of fat.

If they need to do a thorough cleaning should remove the vents or filters and soak them for a few hours with a product that eliminates fat. For your home, it is best to spend a sponge soaked in ammonia, but must do so taking great care not to touch the engine.


For proper furnace maintenance enough to clean with a cloth dampened in baking, when it is cold. If that has encrusted grease residue, it is best to remove heat before either. Once the oven is off, must have a dishwasher product on the spots and leave it on for a few hours until tender, and then turn a paper napkin to remove them. Finally, it is good to clean the interior walls and the door, wiping everything to make it brighter.


To clean the inside eliminating odors is best to use sodium bicarbonate dissolved in water, which should be at a warm temperature. First of all must remove all food, then use a sponge to move the product, and a napkin to dry everything.

The drawer for vegetables and removable shelves are cleaned using only water and lounge. A very effective tip is to leave in a bowl some baking, so cleaning kitchen appliances absorbs odors.

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