Tile Bathroom Shower Designs

I think all of us want to have a beautiful bathroom design. We, especially women, likely spend their time to treat their body when they are taking a bath like by using shower. That’s why; we need to take care of the selection of the tile design in our bathroom. Deciding tile bathroom shower design can be confusing for us if we don’t have any references of that. We don’t know what the design should be and how it works.

Bathroom Shower Tile Designs

Bathroom Shower Tile Designs

Generally, the sizes of tiles are about 12 inches and 16 inches square, but the smaller tile looks better and more attractive in tile bathroom shower designs. However, it will take more grout in the installation and the adjustment will be harder and intricate. There are also many tile types such as ceramic tile, travertine tile, marble tile, mosaic tile, stone tile, etc. If you want your bathroom looks more natural you can use one of them such as travertine, marble, or stone tile. Travertine tile in white or ivory color on the wall combined with ceramic tile in black on the floor and silver on the shower, probably it will be nice. Instead of using travertine tile, you may use marble tile which the color if more various such as yellow, green, or black.

If you want to take an instant in designing your bathroom shower, you may look at the example of bathroom shower designs. There are some beautiful bathroom designs that you can take one of them as your inspiration for example, American Olean shower designs combined with decorative tile and by contrasting the color of the tile borders. The other are open shower tile design, shower bathroom with natural stone, bathroom shower with empress green and the combinations of Florida tile statuary, venato marble and empress green marble border.

Actually, when you know the types of tiles, you can mix and match them as your desire in your tile bathroom shower designs. Moreover, you can estimate the cost with your budget too.

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