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The Coolest Modern Living Room Design

Home is the important place where people go ahead after a long stressful day. It’s also the place where people can gather together with family. Whatever it looks like, whether small or wide, it always becomes home sweet home in our own heart. Although, some people want to decorate it to be as beautiful as possible. Living room is one of the biggest places in home; therefore it should be decorated well. Basically, there are two main types of living room design. They are traditional modern design. I will brief you the second type, the modern one. Modern living room design is typically related with minimalist design. This type is really suitable for people who have limited space for home.

Modern Living Room

Modern Living Room

Modern living room is the representation of modern people. The main characteristic of such living room is it uses only few and low furniture. Simple is the theme of such living room. Although, you still need to make it simple but attractive. Simple centerpiece will add splendor in your living room. For the window, consider to design a huge window with no curtains, since huge window will give natural light to the whole room so that the room will look wider than it actually is. For the furniture, you don’t really need to use only a single color to make them same. Different color can be chosen to add an accent which will beautify your room.

Some colors will make a great combination to create a great appeal for a simple modern living room. For example you can mix black and grey, white and pastels, or even black and red. Don’t be limited in choosing the colors, you still can use your favorite colors as long as all of them are not too crowded to be mixed. All you need is only to be creative to create a great design for your living room.

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