Small Kitchen Island With Seating

Small Kitchen Island Ideas for Simplicity and Elegance Style

Having a small kitchen does not mean you cannot add any kitchen island. All you need to do is just to match the island’s size with the kitchen’s size. As we know, adding an island inside a kitchen will be surely helpful since it can provide you the storage with its drawers and also spacious space at its surface. So, if you do have a very limited space kitchen, then you will be better to go with the island which is not complicated and has clean line as well as simple design. It will add the attractive look instead of boring look, trust me. Modern kitchen style use simplicity and elegance as the main focus. So you don’t need to worry about the thought of your kitchen will feel too boring.

Small Kitchen Island

Small Kitchen Island

So what do we have to do if we want to make such a small kitchen island idea? First of all you will need to go to the flea markets near your area to find the second handed furniture such as little table, desk, or whatever. Why we have to search the second handed furniture? It is aimed to cut the cost of your project as well as to create such a vintage look at your kitchen island. After you find the most suitable furniture, then purchase it and take it home with you. Next thing you need to do is to get the furniture sanded down so there will no worn out look at the furniture. This furniture here will be the base of your small kitchen island.

After you have done with the sanding activity, now you can start building your kitchen island. Since you have bought the kitchen island base which fits your small kitchen, you may not find any difficulty. Finish the process by choosing the right countertop for your island and then your island is ready to use.

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