Shipping Container Homes Indonesia

Shipping Container Homes: Houses That Was Built from Shipping Containers

With the price of wood and other home building material sky rocketing, the need of another home alternative is surely high. The shipping container homes answer that demand. Not only far cheaper, they also durable and can stay for long time. I can guarantee they will not succumb if there is any earth quake happens. Yes, nowadays you can find more and more homes which are built from shipping containers.
They can be bought from shipping companies with affordable price and can be transformed into such a beautiful living place. Here below are the things related to the topic of shipping container homes.

Shipping Container Homes

Shipping Container Homes

Commonly shipping containers are available in 8 feet x 8 feet high or 20 feet x 40 feet wide. There are also bigger ones, but it will also cost differently. The shipping containers are made from tubular steel which means it is strong. The floor is generally from marine plywood. When going to make one for you to live in, the first thing is to get the number of containers you will need.

You do not plan to live only in one container right, since it will be too small I think. After you are sure how many containers you will need, then find yourself an architect (unless you are yourself an architect, it will not need to do this) which has specialized in building shipping container homes.

Then next, do not forget to check the local building codes at your area. This is important so that your home will not find any authority problem in the future. Try to compare among many contractors/ architects to find the one which gives you the best offer and deal. After you ensured you have prepared all the initial preparation, then you can get your project started. Good luck!

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