Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawers

Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Remodeling a kitchen is an expensive project. There will be many things you can do, but there will be many things you have to buy. Think what you need to change for remodeling your kitchen is easy. Everything in your kitchen can be changed or replaced, but changing some items such as kitchen appliances and furniture will be very expensive. So, you can only change a part of them, then. Changing only the door of your cabinet will directly create a brand new look to your kitchen. Replacing kitchen cabinet doors is easy and very inexpensive since you can do it yourself.

When you want to replace your cabinet door, you can start it by securing your new cabinet door. Using some screw clamps, secure the door to a workbench. To avoid any scratching to your new door, use a soft cloth to set the door. If you want to use the old cabinet hardware when replacing kitchen cabinet doors, you can remove all the hardware and keep them together in a plastic bag. To install your new cabinet door, attach he hinges to the door in the position two inches from the top and bottom. Make a line using a piece of blue painters tape to locate where your cabinet door will close.

This will help you install your new cabinet in the correct position. Ask someone to hold the door when you attach the hinges. Starting from the top hinge, keep the door in open position and drill a pilot hole into the top screw. Attach the screw to the pilot hole and repeat the steps for the bottom hinge. After the installation complete, check whether your new cabinet door can be opened and closed properly. If it works, drill the pilot holes in the hinges to attach the rest of the screws. After this step completed, the last touch is, attach the handle of your cabinet door and now your new cabinet is ready. Replacing kitchen cabinet doors is a good idea to create a different look to your kitchen without having to cost a lot of money.

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