Refinishing a Porcelain Bathtub

Refinishing a Bathtub: a DIY Home Improvement Project

Refinishing a bathtub is actually not a casual to be done by yourself. You need to clean the whole of the bathtub thoroughly before refinishing it. Furthermore, the process of refinishing itself will involve the use of chemical cleaner which contains toxin. The toxin will contaminate the air in the bathroom and cause a limited fresh air for you to breath for some hours in the bathroom. Therefore you should provide a good ventilation to make a good circulation of air. Although, it isn’t so easy, but it still can be managed as long as you do the good preparation and carefully do steps by steps with a correct procedure.

Refinishing a Bathtub

Refinishing a Bathtub

All you need to refinish your bathtub are a tub-refinishing kit, paint tray, paint brush, masking tape, tack cloth, scraper, and plastic bags. Now, let’s move to the steps which should be taken when refinishing a bathtub. First of all, use plastic bags to cover all the faucets and surfaces that will not be painted. Then remove the drain cover and continue to remove the old caulk and silicone around the edges of your tub. Then rinse some cleaner to the whole surface of the tub thoroughly to make it clean and let it dry.

After that, you may use appropriate sandpaper to sand the tub in order to prepare the surface. The kit will also have a primer reducer; use it to remove any soap scum from the previous cleaner. Now, you may begin to mix the primer according to directions and apply it with a paint sprayer. Again, you need to let it dry. After it is completely dry, then apply the topcoat to make it shine and durable.

Refinishing a bathtub by yourself is a good decision since if you’re carefully do the process, you will not only improve the appearance of your bathtub for years to come but also safe some hundred dollars in your pocket.

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