Plywood Floors – Popular Flooring Options

Plywood floors are becoming popular these days. It’s just because wood is one of the popular flooring option in many homes. What make it popular is just because of its beauty and durability. Furthermore, they have also a wide variety of flooring options. They are available from true hardwoods to manufactured wood laminates. If you want to install such kind of flooring, consider creating your owned plywood flooring since it can save as much as half of the typical materials cost. It’s great, right? So, just try to make it yourself and you will get some benefits. And here are how to make it.

Plywood Floors DIY

Plywood Floors DIY

Before begin any instructions of how to make plywood floors, first you need to prepare all the things you’ll need for doing the process. They are tape measure, table saw, dado blade, flooring adhesive, and some more other tools. Don’t worry since all of those tools are only the common household tools that you will easily find it in any local store. After that, then just follow these instructions one by one carefully. Firstly, you need to purchase enough ¾-inch plywood to cover the areato be tiles and also an additional 10 percent to allow for waste and the 1/2 –inch overlap between tiles. Then, use a table saw and dado blade to cut the plywood into 11 7/8-inch squares to create 32 tiles per 4-by-8-foot sheet. After that, cut the squares of plywood on the dado blade along two adjoining sides on the bottom. Next, just cut the two remaining sides of each square on the top side. Ensure that the squares are overlap along the edges in order to create a solid surface.

What you should do next to make the plywood floors is laying the plywood tiles, but before that ensure that you’ve removed any textured tiles or carpeting. Lastly, apply a coat of stain and allow it dry before allowing traffic.

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