Houses With Bay Windows

Pictures of Houses with Bay Windows

Can you imagine a house without a window? And you maybe will not find any house without a single window at all. Windows are important. Not only to deliver sunlight inside the house, but also as the part of the house where the air is circulated. It is impossible for us, human, to live without air right? There are many types of windows that mankind have made.

Houses With Bay Windows for Sale

Houses With Bay Windows for Sale

Each has its own look and style, but actually the essential purpose and idea is just the same. One of those styles and models is the bay window. These windows (I may say) maybe the most distinctive parts of a house. Why? It is because we can simply say that they just give the word “dimension” which results in larger look and appearance. Pictures of houses with bay windows are really fascinating. It looks like the windows do their job really well. These bay windows look like they “swell” from their place and indeed give the word dimension to any house.

From the outside it looks like they swell, from inside they actually give more space since it extends from the house side. Then what is the first time these windows showed their shelves? It was in the 19th century at the Victorian houses. These windows have various shapes but generally they have two basic shapes which are polygon or square. An angle of 90/ 135/ 150 degrees can be set on them.

So what actually these bay windows can do to our house? Besides the fascinating look, they also indeed let the air come in in large number, this is because bay windows generally big (actually they must be big, since big is one of the requirements of bay windows). The main window itself cannot be opened but the air can get in by two parts left and right.

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