Wall Painting Techniques

Painting Techniques for Walls – Wall Painting Ideas

If you feel your home is quite simple and narrow, or maybe feeling confused to decorating and decorate the house. Playing for your wall painting techniques may be attractive alternative. Appearance of unusual and highly art sense on painting the walls can affect the beauty and good moody of your home so that captivate the visitors.

Painting techniques for walls can be done by anyone. It is not necessarily to have a high knowledge about painting, paint capitalize enough and several tools such as foam, cloth and brush as a settlement. And it wanted very economical also affordable on your budget.

The first technique is to create a striped color streaks on the wall. Suppose you want to make a gradient color of your walls with ease, as so it has two colors with a paint, such as dark brown and light brown. Leave a space for each color change of approximately one meter to the right by using a long string tied to top and bottom wall with a straight. First paint the walls painted with basic colors so that the pores of the walls covered with neat and easy color painting. Then the blue paint on the walls of your thoroughly and prepare a wet cloth to make the color beside the younger you are wiping the paint. Of course this would be easier if you done it with the help of another person as your partner because you have to wipe the walls immediately before the paint color is dry. Do the same thing continously on the wall next to the wall so that you now have two accent colors in one wall.

The next technique in painting techniques for walls is the technique of ragging or rotate colors. This technique produces an abstract color on the wall as a result of making rush a basic color of paint with the help of a sponge or damp cloth. First of all paint the walls plainly with basic colors like white for instance. Then prepare the main color of your walls like we say it is blue and divide it into two pieces of liquid while the other paint is mixed with a little white paint to make paint color becomes lighter. Now you have two colors of paint and ready to do the technic. Prepare a medium-size brush and start painting the two walls at randomly and not uniform in all your walls, and make it short. Paint original color dark blue and light blue paint mixture is painted directly and rapidly closing your wall toghether. Then prepare a sponge and begin smoothing the paint with a swirling motion. This was done to the entire surface of the wall that you want and of course before you paint is dry. When finished, waiting for a moment and let the paint dry out and now you have a wall of blue color resembles a beautiful cloud in the air. Just use those two painting techniques for walls and use you r imagination to create an amazing wall painting ideas.

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