Origami Christmas Ornaments PDF

Origami Christmas Ornaments

There are various designs of Christmas ornaments that can be made. Even you can create your own design and shape when making Christmas ornaments. A unique and attractive design of Christmas ornament is origami. Origami Christmas ornaments are fun to be created although this is not too easy since you need to be handy for making this kind of ornament. However, it doesn’t mean that everything can’t be easy.

Origami Christmas ornaments can be made in various shapes that you like. There are many ideas of origami ornaments that are easy to make. Here, you can learn how to make origami Christmas ornament easily. Since this is an origami ornament, you need to prepare the paper. You don’t any special paper, you can use 8 ½ inch x 11 inch sheet of copy paper. To make it more beautiful, you can cover the paper with a foam paint brush with glitter glue. Let the paper dries and cut two strips of which 4 ¼ inch x 8 ½ inch. Now your paper is ready and you can start to make the origami. You start it from the first strip of paper.

Fold the stripe in half, unfold, then fold each the side to the centre. Unfold again and fold the top left corner to the middle and unfold it. Repeat this step until all of the corners have been folded. Form a triangle by collapsing the left and ride sides at the top. Do the same step to the bottom of the paper. After that, fold each flap toward the triangle. Form a square by opening up and pressing down the flaps. Create four point star design by folding the left and right sides of the square toward the centre. Repeat the steps to the second strip. Now you can make your own origami Christmas ornaments easily by being a little handy.

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