Modern House Extension

Modern House Extension Designs

An old house is an interesting target for remodeling. As the time goes by, a house will be older and older. This is the reason that an old house should be remodeled into a modern one since the time changes. Remodeling an old house can be done with an extension because time goes make a family bigger. So, an extension for an old house will offer a better living place. Modern house extension designs can be a great inspiration for your house extension project.

A bungalow in Australia is the first example. This building was remodeled with an extension by MCK Architects into a more spacious home. The extension showed by the easiest access to the garden in this building. Designed with a glazed walls make this living space offered with a beautiful view and a great opportunity to enjoy the sunlight. Other modern house extension design with nearly the same project was made by Atelier Heiss Architects. However, it has a little difference with the previous extension since in this project, the architects preserve the facade of the house and the extension added only in the rear end of the house. The similarity is that the extension featured with glazed walls completed with a terrace to enjoy a view from the swimming pool. Still about extension, CHAN architecture remodel an old kitchen into a new building consists of a living room, dining room and a new kitchen. A very old house from 1979 can also be remodeled into a modern one. This is proven by Ike Kligerman from his work in renovating and extending a very old house in Connecticut. The old house now finished with palette completed with a new master suite that has been given an easy connection to the main house through a glass bridge. Well, one more name in this kind of project is Architect Tamir Addadi. He used the same design with adding connection between the house and the garden for remodeling a Victorian English house.

Modern house extension designs are everywhere, so you will be easier to come up with a great extension design for your old house.

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