Minimalist Design for Cool Twin Bed Style

Houses with minimalist designs still are popular today, especially in metropolitan area. The problem is that people in metropolitan area should be creative to decorate their small house or apartment. Twin beds are the best solution for this problem. Twin beds can be used for your children rooms or guests’ rooms. If you decorate for your guests, select the matching beds with classic patterns, put a simple small table between two beds, and adding a mirror above it. if your room is narrow but the bedrooms are big you have to try this choice, back to back beds position. It is a smart way to give your narrow room more space. Soft colors and a luxury table lamp will make this room look elegant.

Cool Twin Bed Frames

Cool Twin Bed Frames

Cool twin beds for children, you also can apply the first option like in guests’ rooms, but the space should be larger since children always are busy and noisy with their own world. So make 2 children in one room is a clever decision but do not forget keep their privacy too. Use the matching beds and playful wallpaper or pictures to give punch in your children. Brighten your kids’ room with lovely beddings and pillows. You can use one or two wallpapers, it depends on your kids interests.

If your kids have different interests, just hang one wallpaper above every bed. This setting room will be more delightful by adding a corner cabinet and some sofas. If you have daughters, the dolls always are the best choice to furnish your kids’ room. If you have boys, give big letters as their initial names above every bed and hang a big inspirational poster or world map to unlock their imaginations. I hope these tips give you inspirations to make cool twin beds, whether for your children or your guests or maybe both of them.

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