Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Design Counter For Living Room

Last for today, we will share another housing knowledge for you. Just to inform you that this is a very useful one if you needed any information about minimalist design, especially on living room since our topic for today is Minimalist Counter For Living Room. If you wanted to know more, you can continue to read our next paragraph.

Well, minimalist’s uncrowded living room has an overall look that is somehow understated, serene and free of clutter. This is indeed would be a very beautiful living room to have inside your very own house. Want to make it? Here are some characteristics to strive for.

Te first thing that you should do is obviously to choose the furniture. Choose furnishings that are simple in construction, ornamentation and look. Use only pieces that you really need in the room. Those footstools, occasional tables, plant stands and spare chairs can be left out. Next, you should go with a sofa and easy chairs that are plain.It is indeed that a rectangular transitional style or a simple curved backs with straight legs is good for your minimalist living room. Skip the toss pillows or use just a couple of unembellished ones – forget the fringe, lace and flounces.

You should somehow keep the coffee and end tables understated, too. Consider Parsons styles; simple cubes of wood, laminate and clear acrylic, or glass- and stone-topped metal tables. Be sparing with the floor coverings and wall treatments. A simple area rug such as sisal or a Berber style over a hard-surface floor is fine but you should not layer over wall-to-wall carpet, that’s so not in this minimalist style.

Next, you should keep the walls one color, in a soothing neutral is popular for the minimalist look. Choose lamps and shades that are of simple design (nix the Tiffany styles and faceted crystal). Lamp bases of plain ceramic or wrought iron, and contemporary, spare brass designs tend to work well. You should add an ambient lighting from recessed fixtures such as cans, and indirect lighting. You won’t see ornate chandeliers and fussy shades over faux-candle lights in minimalism.

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