Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Reviews 2018

Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Reviews

Other things that is also very interesting to be discussed is kitchen cabinets. And you know what? We are going to review a very popular one which is Ikea Kitchen Cabinets. Of course that you might already knew about this stuff, but there is nothing wrong to read again this Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Reviews.

Well, we read an article that someone had remodeled their kitchen few years ago and during this time period they looked at many cabinets. And they decided to use Ikea kitchen cabinets and it somehow rank up with their favorites because this cabinets were not particle board, they seemed to have good durable hardware, and the drawer runners were top quality.

It is obvious that the cost and flexibility of the Ikea cabinet is hard to argue with. The hinges are outstanding on the units which is very important in any kitchen cabinet. The drawers are also metal framed and the runners are nice and tough. This means that you can even place canned goods into the drawers without worrying about the tracks being bent or the drawer sliding off the tracks. Any time you have kitchen drawers that do not have tough hardware that will stand up to heavy use you quickly become frustrated. One of the rental houses I lived in had constant and ongoing problems with the tracks of the drawers. They would bend and the drawers would fall off the tracks. I could never put anything heavy into the drawers but dish rags and Tupperware without fear of the drawer falling to the ground. After much research I can tell you that you will not suffer such a mishap with Ikea cabinet drawers.

A major point to consider with Ikea is that they are a company that has been around for a long time so if you have a problem with one of your cabinet doors the chances are very good that you will be able to replace the door with an exact replica of the old door even five years down the road. This especially holds true if you go with a wood cabinet look which tends to prove to be timeless. If they should discontinue the product line that you bought Ikea will try their best to contact costumers to let them know this is happening so they can buy a few replacement doors or parts before it is too late. I do not know how good Ikea is about keeping this promise, however, since I have heard of many people who say that they have never been contacted but others that make the claim that they have. It seems to me that half the people claim that Ikea never contacts them after purchase and another half of the costumers make the claim that they have been contacted.

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