How to Repaint Cabinets

How to Repaint Cabinets – Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen is old and uninteresting? Or bored with your current settings kitchen and want to remodel your kitchen cabinets? No need to disassemble and buy new kitchen appliances if you want to rearrange your kitchen. Simply touch back the kitchen in such a tricky way without having to spend your money too much. Then how to refinish kitchen cabinets will begin immediately.

First of all look for deficiencies or weaknesses are seen in your kitchen if you want to use how to refinish kitchen cabinets. Whether your kitchen cabinets are already using a rack or storage area which is not have a good eye-catching anymore. Then prepare your equipment cabinet magic like sandpaper, paint, oil or oil paints and coatings. Also several tools such as saws, nails and hammers also yellow wood glue.

How to refinish kitchen cabinets may we start by removing the main doors of your kitchen cabinets. There needs to be reset to the door because this is the main attraction stuff in your kitchen. Prior to paint it again, make sure you are ready hand to clean it from dust and dirt by using oil before. After wiping it clean with so the paint can be easily absorbed by the wood surface. Then use sandpaper to remove old paint doors with a maximum and then you paint the kitchen cabinets with wood color or dominant color in your kitchen.

After completing your cabinet doors, consider further damaged goods, if you have a window as the circulation of air in your kitchen, we can be beautify back window with a new frame. For example, the color black frame with a pattern of tree branches covered with bright yellow curtains, or white frame by adding decorative butterflies flying in your curtain frame.

If you’ve got some medium sized pieces of wood plywood, then you can make a rack hanging on the corner of your kitchen cabinet. It can support the kitchen with the letter L so that the patter n of hanging shelves mounted exactly at right angles kitchen. The trick is to after finish the wood will be installed. Cut the right and left oblique edge to fit timber is placed in a corner of the wall. Begin polishing, sanding and repainting the wood. And also paint with a shiny coat of paint to make it more durable. Add as high as the palm of hand corner of each timber that is useful to hold the object to be placed on the timber so as not to fall behind the wood. Then put a metal bracket to attach the wood to the wall bracket. And now you’ve got three new stacking shelves at the corner of your kitchen.

The final step after wiping over your entire kitchen cabinets, do not forget to repaint the lines on the edge of the upper and lower edge of your kitchen walls with brightly colored paint. So how to refinish kitchen cabinets this time is finished.

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