How to Install Cedar Shake Siding Yourself

Cedar shake siding is a kind of home decorations which adds a touch of rustic elegance to homes or vacation cabins. It has very natural pieces of angled in various sizes and therefore the effect can be so attractive and goes well in most settings. Actually, it’s also a kind of home exterior decorations which you may be able to install it by yourself. Believe me that it won’t be that hard and so that you can install such kind of siding as long as you have the correct tools and also know the right things to do.

Cedar Shake Siding

Cedar Shake Siding

Well, here are the ways of how to install cedar shake siding yourself. First of all, you need to prepare all the things you need such as skill saw, 18-inch cedar shakes, 10-inch 1 wood shingles (for starter strip), shake ridges, chalk box, and measuring tape, hammers, and some nails. After you’ve prepared all of those things, then you may begin the instructions. Just remove the old siding if it has uneven surface. However, when it’s smooth, then you can install shakes over the existing siding. Begin at the bottom of the wall and you also need to determine where you want the lowest portion of the shakes to reach. After that, install a starter roe of #1 woos shingles along the bottom edge. One of the reasons why choosing 1wood shingles for this starter is just because they have tight grain and also provides a more secure surface on which to nail. After finished installing the starter row, then you need to start installing the cedar shakes on top of the wood shingles. Here you are free to decide whether you want the shakes to run in even rows or want a staggered effect.

Overall, how to install cedar shake siding is easy, isn’t it?

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