Butcher Block Countertops Cost

How to Install Butcher Block Countertops Ikea?

Butcher block countertops Ikea is one of the good optional choice for you who want to create the butcher block look for your kitchen. It is available in various depth and length. The cheap price usually becomes the most considerable thing why it is used by many people to be applied on their counter space or cabinets. You can DIY install the butcher block, but with noticing the step by step installation properly.

Butcher Block Countertops

Butcher Block Countertops

First, you should prepare all the tools and supplies such as the Ikea butcher block, jigsaw, screws, and the other tools. Then, you sketch the template where the countertop will be applied. If there is an old countertop before that you want to replace with the Ikea one, draw the outline above it and copy it to the cardboard. After it, place the cardboard to the new butcher block countertops Ikea to outline it in the right shape before it is installed.

Use the jigsaw to trim the block according to the sketch, but make sure you do it carefully. Try to cut it as neatly as you can, so the edges are not serrated. Now, after everything is ready, you can start to install the butcher block to the cabinet with screws by using drill. Make sure that it suits perfectly one another to make the seam less visible. However, there will be some seams and we should fill it with the wood filler. You can make it by mixing the saw dust with the wood filler,and then apply it to the seams with our finger. Once it is dry, we can sand it smoothly.

For the finishing touch, you can coat it with some coating, whether using natural material (mineral oil) or using chemical coating for staining. If you use natural one, you can even knead and roll dough upon the butcher block countertops Ikea directly without using trays

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