How to Decorate Your Tuscan Decor Outdoor

With very little money and a pinch of creativity, you can bring a bit of the Tuscan decor outdoor to your home. The central issues lifestyles of Tuscany are the food and nature, the more rustic decor is better. Antique wooden furniture acquire an elegant appearance when the surrounding decor is inspired by the wine, and the rough beams and floorboards become sophisticated when mixed with earthy tones with green plants and herbs.

Tuscan Decor

Tuscan Decor

Paint the walls in earth tones (dark red, orange, olive green, brown or rust color). Tuscan decoration is inspired by nature, using a non-toxic paint will stay true to the theme. This decorative style is also rich in textures. Paint the walls with a sponge to create attractive designs. Acquire antique furniture or aged wood and natural hardware, for example iron or copper. You go to antique stores or second hand to buy cabinets, tables and chairs Inspirational Signs. You can also “age” your current furniture paint covering it with a cracked effect. Decorate the house with the Tuscan decor outdoor using objects reminiscent of the “Old World”.

Converts the dining table in the center of your Tuscan inspired cuisine, since much of the culture of this Italian region revolves around food, invest in the acquisition of a rustic table style compiled rough finish wood. To give the room a look authentically Tuscan, use the theme of wine and grapes for garnish. Hang garlands of vines around the entrance doors or a row of lights in the shape of grapes. Arrange wooden bowls filled with grapes for real or fake and uses a wrought iron shelf to display your wine bottles. Bring nature to your house standing here and there plants and herbs in rustic terracotta pots. You can also use copper pots and woven baskets. Create an entire indoor herb garden with lavender, thyme and rosemary flavors that enhance the Tuscan decor outdoor.

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