Decorated Christmas Mantels Ideas

How to Decorate Christmas Mantels?

Christmas mantels can be a focal point or the center part during the Christmas holiday. You can add some decorative decorations to make the mantels look fabulous. There are some steps below that you can follow to make your Christmas mantel a festive one.

Decorated Christmas Mantels

Decorated Christmas Mantels

First, you should clear all items off the mantels. Do not forget to wipe it before applying the decorations so that your mantel is clean from dust and other tiny things. If you wish, you can hang a mirror or painting over the mantel. The next step is to give the shelf some decorative design by putting some evergreen and flowers garland. Make sure that you choose the long-lasting one, such as white pine, so that it will have fresh-looking for long period. To add nicer look, layering a wreath over the mirror or painting by tighting it using a ribbon. Candles also contribute important aspect in decorating Christmas mantels. We can tuck the candles among the garland to give different warm glow impact and put them in the candleholders. Candleholders are available in many colors and shapes, so you should choose the most suitable ones with the overall decoration. You must assure the safety and never leave the candles’ flame light the decor on fire. Besides candles, you can add some glass vases and fill it with mini Christmas ornaments, such as pnecones or cranberries. It will give a natural look of your mantels.

For the finishing line, you can also give personal touch by using some postcards that you received during the season. Arrange them nicely and let’s see how they will work to create more personal decoration. Whatever the style of the Christmas mantels, they should match perfectly with the overall design of your room. So, you should consider all items, from the colors, the designs, and the ornaments before applying to the mantels.

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