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How to Create a Functional Home Office Design

There is a good and a bad side to working from home. The good thing is that you do not have to bear the struggles of a daily commute, fighting the office hour’s rush. The bad thing is the distraction. When you are working from home, it is very difficult for others to resist the urge to engage you in various household activities. Your spouse might want you to run down to the grocery store, your kids might want you to play with them and so on. It is necessary to establish some boundaries and a home office does just that. It signifies that while you are in that room, you are not officially at home! If you are clueless about home office decorating ideas, the following tips should help you start.

Home Office Designs

Home Office Designs

The Home Advantage

The fact that you are decorating a ‘home’ office, definitely gives you much more freedom. The home office décor need not be sterile; in fact, it should be in accordance with the rest of the house. You can place your desk close to a window, if you have any, so that you have something interesting to look at when you look up from your computer screen. If you are stuck in a windowless room, you should have at least an interesting artwork that inspires you. You can look at it whenever you feel the need for a bolt of inspiration. You can include pretty curtains, fresh flowers and other homely touches to the office. If you like bright colors, you can keep your color code vibrant instead of classic beige and neutrals.

The Office Touch

Although you have more freedom in a home office design, you do need to remember to keep the appearance professional, especially if you are going to be receiving clients. Keep all the essential items that are needed in the office. When you are looking up small home office ideas, do not forget to include plenty storage options. Cabinets and wardrobes are better for the office instead of shelves as they can hold many items and still look tidy. Keep comfortable seating arrangement for yourself as well as the potential clients. Allot baskets for paperwork that you would need often so that they are kept in a contained areas instead of all over the desk. Moreover, do pick the wall artwork carefully for the home office décor; what works for the living room might not work here.

The Comfort Factor

You will be spending a substantial amount of time in this room so make sure that the environment is comfortable. Invest in a good, ergonomically-designed chair so that those long hours of sitting upright does not wreak havoc on your spine. Even the lighting needs to be adequate. No mood lighting, install bright lights for your home office to reduce strain on the eyes. If needed, include a dimmer if you are planning to catch a quick power nap every now and then!

Although you have a lot of options in home office design, remember to keep the design professional.

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