Corner Media Cabinet IKEA

How to Build A Corner Media Cabinet?

Corner media cabinet is usually used to accommodate the decoration of a living room or dining room. It is placed in the corner of the room so that it needs a less space area than it is placed in the centre. This cabinet is usually used for television installation. There are many simple ways in working this project.

Corner Media Cabinet

Corner Media Cabinet

First, you need to plan the design of the corner media cabinet. It depends on the the size of the TV will be and the additional shelves and doors that you want. These selves are very useful for placing the DVD player, CD cassettes, stereo, and many other small electronic devices. It should fit perfectly on the corner of the room where it is placed. Then, begin to draw the sketch of top and bottom pieces on the plywood. The length of the square sides depends on the width we want. For example, if the width is as long as 40 inches, we will get the length by square it first, become 1,600, and then we will get 800 by dividing it by two. Then, square root 800 and finally the length is 28 inches rounded off. After finished, draw a diagonal line and cut them down to get right triangle shapes. By cutting more pieces with the same shape and size, you will get the selves to your cabinet. To make it stand perfectly, actually you need minimal one additional self. The next step is by squaring off the back parts to allow a room for cords. For the front and back sides of the cabinet, you need to cut the 1×6 inch lumber boards based on the height of the cabinet. Each sides need two cutting boards to be installed.

When all cutting boards are ready, screw them one by one. Too make it a nice corner media cabinet, you can also paint or stain it using wood stain.

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