House Interior Design Small Spaces

House Interior Design Small Spaces – Lives in a small room understands how the house interior design small spaces with furniture, window treatments, color and light affect perceived space. By using a few tricks of decoration, a narrow room feel bigger can be more functional and become a place where people enjoy being. Use the same colors of the walls in small rooms adjoining and increases the perceived space. This technique makes two small rooms look more like a big, because the line of sight is interrupted by a change in color on the wall. Paint low ceilings with a bright color. A roof with bright color creates a backspin, which maximizes the perceived height of a room.

Small Space Interior Design Philippines

Small Space Interior Design Philippines

Add enough light to a space feel cramped. Small spaces are often dark and also additional light can make them look bigger. If privacy is not an issue, remove any door leading to a small space to let in more light. Alternatively, install a translucent glass door for your house interior design small spaces with privacy and increase natural light in a small room. Do not use large and elaborate valances above the windows in rooms with low ceilings, they make the ceiling look even lower. However, curtain rods installed near the ceiling rather than the window frames make low ceilings look higher. Note that long curtains are needed to replenish the extra height of the bars so that the curtains touch the floor.

Make all the furniture is the same color. Paint the wooden pieces and uses color and upholstered furniture covers that match. The mismatched furniture can distract rather in a small room and make the space look cluttered. Save space by choosing furniture that serve for more than one purpose. Some coffee tables have a lower shelf for storing books and many ottomans have removable caps that discover an interior where you can store games, quilts and other items for your house interior design small spaces.

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