Swing Set Ideas and Plans

Homemade Swing Set Ideas to Make Your Own Playground

Having a wooden swing for children is a good idea for the backyard. I have fond memories of playing on the swing in our backyard. For many of us, the backyard swing was where we played; we skinned our knees, and built friendships that would last a lifetime. We may be older now with children of our own to look after, but the backyard swing has not changed.

Swing Set Ideas

Swing Set Ideas

This article explains how easy it is to build a basic homemade swing set that your kids can enjoy in the coming years.


1. Decide if you want to buy a package (if you purchase a plan, the wood, hardware and accessories come together) or just the plan for homemade swing sets ideas. The package makes buying easier, but you will also pay more for having to do all the work by yourself, and you get a wood bottom. If you buy only the plan, it is cheaper, comes with essential accessories and a specific list of wood you’ll need to build your swing.

2. Choose a type of wood that will withstand being outdoors for many years. Green treated or redwood is the two types of wood that better withstand the rigors of the outdoors.

3. The plan you choose should have a list of all the materials you will need to buy. If you do it on your own, the above materials are good for a basic swing. Grab your boards, 2 by 6 by 12 feet, and place them on a flat surface, one above the other. Punch a set of three or four holes every 32 inches and screwed the boards together. Do this on both sides, so that the boards are securely attached. This is your top beam.

Hopefully these homemade swing sets ideas will help get the creative juices flowing as you embark to build a backyard play area for your kids.

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