Cute Bedroom Ideas

Girls Room Design: Cute Bedroom Design for Teenage Girl

Your teenage girls are growing up and began to ask anything to you? As decorate girls room design for teenage girl for example. Obviously she will surely ask for it because teenage girls have a high curiosity, cheerful, energetic and definitely a lot of things that they like to start looking for identity.

Will be your duty as a parent to accept your teenage girl’s request making a girls room design. Various characters teenage girls today began to arise because it is influenced by their environment. Make sure you give a room a style that suits your teenage girl’s tastes in a bedroom design for teenage girl.

If the girl love passion and cheerful and used to follow the new trend, black and white-walled room is perfect for her. Or let her choose the color she wants and make the color be stripes on the walls of her room. Give two mirrors measuring 1 meter x 50 centimeters that are placed parallel to the bottom of your feet on the wall of your teenage girl ‘s room. Then place the white table with the table clothes and white cabinets or cupboard so the room is dominated by all bright colors. Do not forget the large windows made of glass with sparkling white curtains as the circulation of air in your child’s room who can help you shine colored room with morning sun shine. It’s definitely very nice and beautiful girls room design.

And for your teenage girl who likes to read, study and spend her day with the book, spacious rooms is not always be a choice. You can provide a medium-size room with very high ceiling. And give the letter L stairs leading up to the room so the room seemed to be two floors. Make sure the ladder is made rather wide to facilitate your teenage girl ‘s feet easier. The upper floor is ideal for bed and downstairs for taking any compliment or stuff and put her personal collection. In the letter L steps you can make a small box on each shelf wooden stairs as a place to store many books and other collections. So your child have the bookshelves under the unique and beautiful staircase. It is very nice to make girls room design.

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