Boy Bedrooms

Getting Amazing Tween Boy Bedrooms

So, you find your tween boys starting to move from their childhood to their adolescence? And then you realize they need a re-do-project for their room? If you are in such kind of condition right now, then you may read down this article about tween boy bedrooms.

The first thing should be change is the theme. Since your tween boys are moving to their adolescence then they will no longer need the Barney’s or Sesame Street figures anymore. The boys might move to skateboard or BMX bikes business already I may say. So, if you have known your tween boys main interests, then use it as the main theme of the bedrooms. Besides those two extreme sports, music, games, comics are also great themes to go.

Boy Bedrooms Gallery

Boy Bedrooms Gallery

Now that you have done with the theme, it is about time to make it real. First we can start from the color selection. You can go with the theme that will fit best with the teen years. Avoid pink, because that is so for girls. The easiest way is by asking their favorite colors, and then gets the colors painted and done. After the colors, the furniture is our next target. Consider function over appearance (even though appearance is also important). The point is to choose the furnishing which will help you maintaining the whole plans not ruining it.

After those things above, now about the storage system which is inside the room. No matter how good a bedroom is, it will be not good if it is not well organized. According to this fact, then creating a good storage option will be good. By doing this we also teach them how to maintain their room properly. Shelving will also do great for the room. You can get the boys’ stuffs displayed on the shelving.

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