Framing Basement Walls With French Drain

Framing Basement Walls

So, why your basement walls must be framed? It is of course to make it more attractive and also in order to boost up the appearance of your basement. Maybe you will think that framing basement walls is just the same with framing the walls above ground, but I can tell you that it is quite different. Well, here below are the things related to the topic of framing basement walls. Keep reading for the details.

Firstly you must deal with the leaking problem as well as moisture. After you done framing, to repair it will be way too difficult. Now you will need to draw yourself the design that desired. Use the old support beams instead of building the new ones, this will be very helpful. Now you can start cutting the treated lumber which is for the plates of the floor. But before that, you must get the chalk line popped as well measured first. Get the Tapcons installed for every 12-inches length. Then now the ceiling plates can be installed directly. Get it attached using framing nails.

Framing Basement Walls Around Pipes

Framing Basement Walls Around Pipes

Next, get you must get the wall studs set on the center. This can be done by using guidance of the studs in the floor joist. This is for providing easy-access for the future-plumbing system. Ensure that you have to get the stud measured before cutting it. This is where the difference of framing basement walls and above ground walls lies. Here you must get each stud measured and cut individually. Get the stud’s bottom and top attached using framing nails. We can call this toe-nailing.

Then, we are almost there. You must next get the wood safe from moisture by giving it about ½ inch distance between the concrete walls and the framed walls. Good luck!

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