Fireplace – The Magic Center of the Living Room

When one day I have a fireplace … Are you familiar with this line? So how else do you all dream of a cozy home, where as a synonym of comfort in our fantasies she attended the fireplace!

No matter how big, whether it’s wood, pellet, gas or ethanol, in what style will be executed – it is important to dance with passion fiery flames to hear that mesmerizing pop of fire and eyes to bathe in the charm of the golden glow of fire…

Living Room Fireplace

Living Room Fireplace

Yes, we all love fireplaces … there’s something about them, subduing the senses and emotions, right?

Imagine that in the cold winter night nestled in a comfortable chair in front of this fire screen in which flames change shape and color, and how everything seems stills and overwhelms you so quiet that you do not want never, just never, make anything but be right there.

And all this bliss and feeling beautiful is possible not only for furnishing the living room at home with traditional fireplaces – modern variations are becoming more significant share of the preferences of all fans of the magical power of the captured and tamed fire.

In modern minimalist homes and somehow does not suit building classic or rustic fireplaces, which mostly are used.

And modern fireplaces have several advantages. Most of them do not use wood and gas, electricity or ethanol, which makes them safer for use. There may be a lot smaller and integrate more easily and successfully even in already formed interior.

The variety of patterns, designs, shapes and sizes suggest making modern fireplaces attractive part of the decor and natural focal focus of the living room.

You may be fans of traditional fireplaces, but we’re almost convinced that if you look at our gallery with different inspirational ideas for living rooms with modern fireplaces, it is highly likely to change their affiliation!

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