Easy Christmas Ornaments To Make

Easy Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Creating a DIY project with your kids to make some ornaments can be a good idea for Christmas decoration. Having this kind of projects will give you many benefits. First, you can cut your budget of buying the ornaments. The second, including your kids in this project will make you closer with them and this will give a different feeling for your kids since they can open up their creativity. The last, just imagine how your kids will be happy to see the ornaments they made hanging in their Christmas tree. For achieving those benefits, you need some ideas of easy Christmas ornaments for kids that will make them fun while making the ornaments.

An easy Christmas ornaments can be made with your kids is clay Christmas ornaments. Kids like to play with clay and this is a good idea for making clay ornament. How to make the ornaments is similar like you are making cookies. So, just roll out the clay until it is about ¼ thick, Using cookie cutter, you can make the shape of Christmas tree and stocking and punch a hole at the ornaments. Lift the ornaments to a cookie sheet using spatula and let them dry for 24 hours. After that, you can pant the ornaments and you are ready to use it. You can also create easy Christmas ornaments for kids using paper.

You can create some ideas of ornaments using paper and paper strip ornaments can be an easy ornament kids can make. You can just cut strips of paper into the same length and different white, then make one strip of paper into a circle. Tape the paper to secure. Add another circle around the fist circle using another strip of paper. You can just repeat the step until you have created a full circle. Tie a piece of ribbon to hang the ornaments. Easy Christmas ornaments for kids will give a special feeling to kids since they can making decoration while playing.

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