Double Fireplace

Double Mantle Fireplace: The Advantages Using Double Mantle for Fireplace

It is believed that the fireplace is the heart of the living room. The light, the heat and the ambiance that are given to your living room, make the fireplace as the focal point. The important part of the fireplace is its mantel. With various colors and styles it can extend the look of your fireplace which will also boost up the look of your living room. Here below are some ideas about the fireplace mantel. From the single until the double mantle fireplace, keep reading for the details.

Double Fireplace Insert

Double Fireplace Insert

What is the purpose of the mantle?

Many people believe that the purpose of the mantle has a visual role as crown-like for the fireplace. Its purpose is as important as the looks. It gives the space for the pictures of the family, decorations related to the season, or art decorations. Your personal taste will surely define the selection of the fireplace mantle.

The mantle’s material

Typically, the traditional mantle has wooden material, or it can be from stone/ concrete. It is carved by hand (hand made) and has very good details. Generally, most of traditional houses apply the fireplace that reach-down-to-the-floor type. If the decoration of your house has the rustic theme, you better go with the fireplace mantle that is made from rock or brick.

The double mantles

If one mantle is good enough for your living room, then how about two mantles? Will it be good or just in contrary, bad? If you choose though design that is proper or match the overall decoration of your living room, I think there will be no problem applying double mantles at your place. Just pay attention to the theme of your room. Also consider about the size of the room, if the room is wide enough, of course it will be able to accommodate even the double mantles.

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