Small Bedroom Ideas

Cool Small Bedroom Ideas

Small bedroom can be an inconvenience place to live within. Not only it provides us almost no space to keep our stuffs, but also it may be difficult when it comes to time for remodeling it. But it does not matter for those who like challenge in decorating. So, with some methods and also strong determination, we can make it true, our own small bedroom. Here below are the cool small bedroom ideas which I have gathered for you. Keep reading for the detailed information.

Small Bedroom Ideas Pinterest

Small Bedroom Ideas Pinterest

First thing we can do is about the color selection. The color of your room determines the atmosphere inside. For your small bedroom, choose the bright colors. The bright colors will make your bedroom looks larger visually. The cool colors like blue and green can also do this. Avoid darker colors, since these colors will only make your room look smaller. Now that you are done with the color selection, the next thing to deal with is the storage. Let’s accommodate your stuffs smartly by using shelves (wall-shelving) and also (if possible) by adding a small closet for accommodating your stuffs.

Next is about the selection of the furniture for your room. Choose the ones which have double function. For example a table which can also act as a chair or vice versa. Or a wall bed, which you can hide the bed in the day and the rest of the space can be used for other purposes. The point is to find the furniture that will not adding the cluttered look inside your room. You need to give your room an expression, even your room is the small one. This can be done by adding mirror. This mirror can act as decoration as well as the art-work which will make your room feel larger.

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