DIY Headboard

Cheap and Chic DIY Headboard Ideas

DIY Headboard Adding a headboard in your bed will directly change the whole look of your bedroom. A headboard today is not only a decorative accent of a bed, but it is now become more functional. Providing a storage space in for keeping your book in your headboard will end up in a great idea. This DIY headboard will be both decorative and saving space solution.

In this project, you can make a good investment by buying medium density fiberboard or MDF to guarantee the durability of your headboard. Also, complete your MDF with MDF screws for fastener securing. The steps of this DIY headboard can be started by firstly increasing six inches the space between the columns for a queen-size bed and reducing 12 inches of the spaces for single bed. After that, cut the boards for the fronts and the sides in the same size, then combine the boards together with wood glue. For creating the two columns, screw the boards every 10 inches. If your columns ready, cut the boards for the side shelves and secure them to the columns. The position of the shelves depends on you. A recommended position is 24 inches from the floor, so that it can adjust your height and your bed.

Now, you can build the top shelf unit by securing vertical dividers with horizontal members with screws and glue. Ensure that the unit remains square when assembling using framing square. To keep your components securing one another, using L-bracket, you can secure the top of each column with one leg of the bracket and use the other leg to secure the top unit. Remove your headboard and marking the wall for the position of your columns, place and secure two cleats per column to the wall and put your headboard to the cleats. For the last touch, you can paint your headboard with a contrasting color. DIY headboard will allow you have the ease for keeping your favorite book and decorating your bedroom beautifully.

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