Kitchen Floor Plan

Best Layout for an Efficient Kitchen Floor Plan

I will not stop talking about how important the kitchen is for the house. People will keep on agreeing as I state that kitchen is an integral part of the house, in fact, it is the heart of the home. Even though you are not kind of good cooker, most of the times, people use the kitchen where they entertain and enjoy spending time with family. There are so many aspects of the kitchen to think about. Besides its aesthetics, the function of how your kitchen works should be carefully considered as it is even more important. It is important for you to create the right layout for the kitchen in order to bring massive difference in how quickly and efficiently you use the kitchen.

You do not want to end up retracing your steps and spending more time in the kitchen which can be a turn off to enjoying cooking due to the fact that you’ve done something wrong with the layout. That is why I am going to show you how to layout an efficient kitchen floor plans. First, you should not forget about the triangle concept of working on the kitchen. The work triangle like I always said to you is about how you set the layout based on 3 main components, which are the refrigerator – where food is stored, the sink – where food is washed, and the stove/oven – where the food is cooked.

Another important thing to think about is the idea of layout work surfaces. What does it mean? Do you know what things you should do? A work surface is literally talking about how you put the countertop in the area the work triangle. In short explanation, the more working areas you can provide yourself, the better. Those are small tips to consider now.

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